About Us

Brief Introduction

Shijiazhuang Histe Electric Co.,Ltd. is located in Shijiazhuang Lvdao Development Zone which is close to Qingdao-Yinchuan Super Highway and the tricyclic  highway  around. Shijiazhuang city is the junction of Beijing-Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang-Dezhou railway. So its transport is very convenient. The firm was established in 1991. It is one of the earliest firm to produce Isolating switch in China.

Before 2008, our main products are the 110 kV and lower voltage isolating switch, with an annual output of hundreds of thousands sets, it is made from imported flame resistant silicon rubber and developed by famous rubber experts, chemists and grid experts through seven-years researches and experiments. The products, which created records in the monopoly right. After being tested by Wuhan High-Voltage Research Institute State Grid Corporation of China, National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Insulator and Surge Arrester, by national standards GB11033,GB5598,JB5892-1991,JB/T8952-1999, the products have been deemed qualified to meet national standards in all aspects.

Among all-256 employees, people with doctorate or bachelor’s degree account for 7. “Stick to enterprise innovation; Seek for technology progress; Supply the high quality product” is our tenet all the while.

Our company has been always in the leading place at home with its modernized manage belief, reinforced technical force, Carry out scientific management and cater to the demands of ISO90012000 standard, complete quality and qualification certificate, advanced testing technique and approved after-service.

Looking forward to getting cooperation with you in the near future.

Witnessed our growth

fac-2For 10 years, Our company to the national power grid construction and retrofit provides  millions of cable fittings and other supporting network products . after 1998 the company  research and development  500kV and lower voltage composite insulators, 35kV and lower voltage zinc oxide surge arrester, isolating switch, dropout fuse, electric substation bus-bar tube, shed booster, Cable sheath voltage  limiters(box), wall bushing, etc. It has realized the electric products from low pressure to high pressure and ultrahigh pressure change. ; from singleness to diversification, Reflects the company look to the future, in order to form a complete set of service users main train of thought. And made ​​a great contribution for the electric power, railway , petroleum, coal mines and large enterprise security power supply system .

The main products catalogue:220kV and lower voltage Zinc oxide surge arrester, isolating switch, dropout fuse, electric substation bus-bar tube, shed booster, Cable sheath voltage  limiters(box), wall bushing,  110kV and lower voltage prefabrication, Full cold shrinkable or heat shrinkable cable accessories,500kV and lower voltage composite insulator  etc. various kinds of electrical products.

During the recent we also undertake the small cable accessories (100 sets, delivery time is 15 days), insulator (630 pieces, delivery time for 15 days), isolating switch (300 group, delivery time for 45 days) business, production capacity of saturation degree is 40%, the ability to undertake this bid the productivity.